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Andrea J. Moses, M.S.W.

Andrea J. Moses is a Toronto-based career and interview coach with over 30 years
experience helping people perform and achieve at their highest level.

Andrea is the author of 6 business and personal development books including Street Smart Selling – Inside Power –Big-Time Change – Choices – Transform Your Life Now.

Andrea developed her interview coaching expertise by working with clients in a wide variety of industries: IT, Hospitality, Legal, Medical, School Boards, Sales & Marketing, Non-Profits, Maintenance, and in positions ranging from front-line to entry-level management to senior management.

The Get Results Interview Coaching Strategy

 Andrea J Moses of Interview Coaching Toronto will coach you to present your answers with strength, confidence, and certainty. This will enable you to maximize your ability to be seen as the #1 candidate, and to negotiate a higher salary.

Human Resources personnel and recruiters have clear expectations of what they want to hear to select the best candidate for the position. In most interviews, you will have only a short amount of time to impress the hiring team with responses which reflect your confidence and your ability to add value to the organization. Unless you clearly project your greatest strengths and achievements when answering the questions, you won’t become the chosen candidate.

With Interview Coaching Toronto, you will be guided to create answers to interview questions which will create a lasting impression. Creating the most impactful answers requires strategic thinking whereby your expertise has to be incorporated into the exact requirements for the position. The best answers will make the difference between being a runner-up and getting hired.

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