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$95,000 Salary + Benefits as Senior Consultant
Achieved a $35,000 + Salary Increase

  "The Get Results Interview Coaching worked like magic. The preparation was essential to provide me with the responses that filled in the gaps in my resume.With your coaching, I was able to position myself as stronger than internal applicants with industry-related experience.

“The new job is amazing. I have the responsibility and the authority that I have always
dreamed of.  Thank you Andrea!”

KT, Toronto

$100,000 Salary + Benefits As Senior Marketing Consultant
Achieved a $40,000 + Salary Increase

 “With your coaching, I am now doing the identical job I did before with a $40,000 salary increase.

 “The interview coaching, along with creating The Gets Results Resume,  enabled me to get the senior management position that I had not even previously been considered for because I don’t have an MBA.

 “I got the job because I presented as confident and able to get the results the company was looking for. Interview Coaching gets results!”

LK, Toronto

$110,000 + Benefits As Senior IT Consultant
Dream Job

 I wanted to get out of the government sector and into private industry. This was a challenge. Although my credentials were great, private industry was not interested in my skill set.

 “This changed with your interview coaching and the Gets Results Resume. I got my dream job. I was so prepared for the interview, I got an immediate job offer in the first interview even though the actual opening was for a month down the line.

 “The Get Results Interview Coaching not only changed my ability to get the job, but it gave me the confidence to perform on the job at the next level. Many thanks.

AR, Toronto 

Vice Principal in the School Board System Dream Job

 “It has always been my dream to become a leader in the field of education. Although, following my experience as a teacher and learning specialist, I took the appropriate courses to be chosen as an administrator, in my hiring interview, I was perceived as being overly enthusiastic and not ‘management material.’

 “This all changed with interview coaching and making changes to my resume. With your guidance, I was able to present as a confident and capable.

 “The rest is history. I got hired as a V.P., and I am on track to climbing the career ladder within the school system. Thank you for your help."

 PK, Toronto

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